Chronic care

What is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic Care Management

Joint disorders have always been an area of attention in Ayurveda. Any other system has the least to do with Osteo issues. Osteo arthritis, Degenerative disorders of joints and muscles, Joint injuries, Frozen shoulder, Sciatica, Cervical issues, Varicose issues, Tennis elbow, Golf’s elbow, yes there are many conditions that really disturb a person’s daily activities and restrict them.

There are many causes for these chronic ailments. Ayurveda provides therapies and medications with anti-inflammatory properties, as in most joint issues inflammation develops easily and hinders the healing property of the area. Anti-inflammatory therapies are the first line of treatment followed by healing enhancers and then finally rejuvenator’s that help in restoring the strength of the area affected.

There are herbal preparations, and certain diet suggestions such as sour, salt, and spicy foods increase such ailments. There are different therapies like pottali / kizhi , Abhyangam or body massage, Dhara, or poring of medicated liquid over the body which can also help in handling these disorders.

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