Natural therapy for joint pain Benefits of Dhanyamaladhara


Pizhichil is a Kerala treatment modality. It literally means squeezing. A cotton cloth piece is taken, soaked in warm medicated oil, and squeezed all over body. This procedure is pizhichil. It can be a whole body procedure / sarvangha panchakarma or a localized therapy / pradeshika panchakarma.

Oil is chosen based on the condition of the patient disease affected, and the dosha involved. Pizhichil is a perfect therapy for both sudation and oleation. It is an energy-consuming procedure and heats the body. So it is always necessary for patients who do this treatment to take plenty of water before and after the treatment. The body really gets exhausted due to energy loss during this procedure, so the patient has to definitely take enough rest after the procedure.

Along with oil pouring, a gentle massage is also given to patients.

When done whole body, the patient is made to be in seven postures, if done locally it is done over a certain area. After the completion of the procedure, the person is made to take rest by covering the body with a
thick blanket for 30 minutes before taking a bath in hot water

Duration of the treatment: 45 to 90 Minutes

Benifits of Pizhichil

Pizhichil is a holistic and complete solution for healing ailments. Its benefits include:

  • Detoxifying body
  • Improve nerve strength
  • Improve muscular strength
  • Rejuvenate whole body
  • Treating diabetes and hypertension ( in diabetic conditions reduce the temperature of the oil)
  • Effective in arthritis, hemiplegia, sexual disorders, stroke, hypertension , Parkinson’s disease, nervous disorders, depression