Karnapoorana and Its Benefits

Karna refers to the ear in Ayurveda. Poorana means filling. Filling medicated liquid in the ear and retaining for a period of time and then cleaning it is called karnapoorana. Usually medicated herbal oil is used. It is warmed gently over boiling water, and slowly poured to clean the ear using an instrument called gokarnika with a tip, oil fills the ear canal, and oil is retained for 30 minutes. Then it is cleaned.

It is effective in treating all diseases of the ear, ear infections, poor hearing, ear imbalance, nourishing nerves that supply the ear, tinnitus, and ear aches. It is really effective when Vata dosha affects ear health and causes diseases or discomforts.

It stimulates nerves, strengthens muscles, reduces inflammations, and brings back Vata to balance.

It is more effective when combined with body and head oil massage.

It is also found to be effective in certain headaches and tempero mandibular joint issues.