The nasal route is the best route to access the brain. Nasyam ayurvedic treatment is instilling medicated oil, decoction, powder, or even inhaling medicated cigars through the nose. There are two kinds of Nasya, one you could regularly practice at home by yourself and the other which should be guided by an expert.

Regular daily Nasya is instilling 2-3 drops of oil or decoction into nostrils after proper sudation of face and forehead. This should be done after waking up on an empty stomach. Massage the forehead, nose, maxillary area, and neck gently with oil or plain hand. Lie down for a few minutes and then go for daily activities.

The other type of Nasya is done as a detailed procedure. Early morning on an empty stomach or in the evening this procedure can be done based on the health condition of the patient. The patient is made to take a proper sudation using a vaporizer for 5 minutes, then lie down on droni with heads hung down, massage the face, neck, forehead, and nasal region with oil, and instill drops in either nostril and again give a gentle massage with an upward stroke.

After the procedure does gargling with lukewarm water and then rest. Avoid strain on the eye and exposure to wind.

Benefits Of Nasyam ayurvedic treatment

  • Beneficial in different types of headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sinus issues
  • Balance pituitary hormone secretions
  • Stimulate the central nervous system and venous system
  • Improve respiratory disorders
  • Improve voice
  • Clears toxins and mucus
  • Clear throat inflammations.
  • Good for cervical spondylitis
  • Good in degenerative disorders of neck vertebrae