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A good diet is a long-term investment in your health. Gut strength is not only dependent on the food we take. Our diet, sleep-wake cycle, daily activities, work stress and emotional stress, and daily tasks influence our gut. When the stomach is imbalanced, our total health goes down a lot.

“Sarva rogo Abi agni Mandyam”
The Causative Factor of all diseases is imbalanced  Digestive Power.

How can Ayurveda do in improving gut health

According to Ayurveda digestive fire is considered Agni. When gut health is distracted, Agni is undergoing imbalance. There are many herbal combinations that are super capable of improving the status of agni in the gut. Ayurvedic herbal medications can correct our gut health. There are gut cleansers and detoxifying therapies which help in cleaning our gut toxicity and also restoring the gut fire. Apart from medication ayurvedic diet suggestions can also be very helpful in improving digestion, absorption, and bowel movements. Yoga too can have a great impact on gut health and abdominal muscles.
Irregular food timings, refrigerated foods, tinned /canned/processed/frozen foods, fast foods, stress, and irregular sleep-wake cycle are factors that lead to gut issues. Bloating, belching, nausea, loss of appetite, increased appetite, acidity, mouth ulcers, tongue coating, stomach cramps, and irregular bowel are various symptoms of the gut disorder.

Spring is the Kapha dosha predominant time, the time to focus on light foods which are easily digested, like soup broths, vegetables, grains, and legumes, which include some healthy spices. Avoid heavy or tough-to-digest foods like cheese, yogurt, baked, fermented foods, sweets, and oily foods.

Regular practices like sipping hot water can help improve digestion. Ama is a form of undigested food in the gut. Ama can pave the way for other diseases like ascites, antisera (diarrhea), jvara (fever).
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