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Dry Skin

Skin is the easiest way to understand your body naturally. Dry skin is something that many of us suffer from. Some have naturally dry skins right from birth, which is a part of Vata Prakriti. Others have dry skin due to many simple reasons.
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Dry skin is a common condition that occurs when the skin loses moisture, resulting in flaking, cracking, and itching. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, dry skin can cause discomfort and affect a person’s overall well-being. Fortunately, there are effective remedies for this condition, including Ayurveda, a holistic system of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Ayurveda views dry skin as a result of an imbalance in the body’s Vata dosha, which is associated with dryness, roughness, and stiffness. To treat dry skin, Ayurvedic practitioners recommend balancing the Vata dosha through dietary changes, herbal remedies, and lifestyle modifications.


  • Vata prakrithi , by nature
  • Due to a lack of proper adequate amount of water intake
  • Climate changes
  • Hypersensitivity of skin
  • Skin diseases with Vata predominance
  • Malnutrition
  • Sebaceous obstruction
  • After effects of medication
  • Genetic predispositionAt Ayursathya Ayurveda Clinic in Dubai, trained Ayurvedic practitioners offer personalized treatments for dry skin. These treatments may include herbal massages with natural oils like sesame, almond, and coconut, which nourish and moisturize the skin. Ayurvedic facials and body wraps may also be recommended to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote hydration.

    In addition to Ayurvedic remedies, dermatologists may also recommend specific treatments for dry skin, such as using gentle cleansers, avoiding hot water, and applying moisturizer immediately after bathing. In severe cases, prescription medications may be necessary to treat underlying conditions that contribute to dry skin.

    Overall, dry skin can be effectively treated through a combination of Ayurvedic remedies and modern dermatology practices. By taking a holistic approach to skincare, individuals can achieve healthy, nourished skin and improve their overall health and well-being.

Best Skin Care in Dubai in ayurvedic way

  • Improve skin moisture level by proper hydration and also oleation
  • Take an adequate amount of water
  • Abhyanga
  • Diet corrections
  • Regular use of herbal oils
  • Cooling herbs like sandalwood

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