Ayurvedic Management of Endometriosis


The endometrium is the innermost layer of the Uterus. The uterus has 2 other layers also. During menstruation, it sheds and passes out with blood.  And then after shedding the layer again starts forming. This cycle keeps occurring. Endometriosis is an abnormal condition in which endometrial tissue grows deep to other layers of the uterus too. They become exceptionally thick.  This leads to chronic pelvic pain, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, severe abdominal cramps, and even leads to infertility. It is more seen in multitasking and ambitious women. According to Ayurveda physical and emotional stress leads to Vata imbalance and causes abnormal growth of the endometrium.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

  • Dysmenorrhoea – Painful periods

  • Deep-seated pelvic pain

  • Dyspareunia – Painful sexual intercourse

  • Dyschezia – Painful motions

  • Dysuria- Painful urination

  • Disturbed menstruation- Excessive and irregular bleeding

Although endometriosis is not considered a life-threatening disease, is a life-altering disease that requires timely diagnosis and treatment. The conventional treatment for Endometriosis includes Hormonal medicines, pain killers, repeated laparoscopic surgeries, and finally pan hysterectomy. All these treatments add to the suffering of the patient.

Line Of Management in Ayurveda

There might not be a direct correlation between Endometriosis in Ayurveda. But the basic line of treatment depends on symptoms and doshas involved. From symptoms, we can assess the dosha involved and the site of manifestation. Detailed history helps understand the cause also. With these details, Ayurveda can treat endometriosis.  We take the concepts of Vatika yonivyapat , granthi chikitsa , gulmam , etc.

Whenever there are any symptoms in the uterine area, the primary finding is Apana Vayu vaigunya. Treatment should always focus on alleviating Apana Vata. When Apana Vata gets obstructed due to any causes, Vata takes a retrograde direction, this leads to displacement of endometrial tissue and it gets lodged in other layers of the uterus, fallopian tube, or even pelvic cavity. This leads to all the above symptoms. When it affects the bleeding patterns it indicates that deteriorated Vata has affected pitta, and the appearance of clots indicates Kapha vitiation. So initially even though endometriosis is Vata roga , as it progresses pitta and Kapha gets vitiated. This highlights the truth that never delays in taking treatment.


  • Improper metabolism due to irregular diet habits and lifestyle
  • Emotional stress, leads to Vata imbalance in the whole body, including Apana Vayu
  • Increased use of cold, dry, rough pungent astringent bitter foods
  • Delayed conception
  • Suppression of natural urges
  • Irregular bowel movements which lead to Vata vitiation

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