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About us

AyurSathya Ayurvedic believes in the Wisdom of Ayurveda. It was established in 2014 in Karama, Dubai. Our Consultations and therapies are founded on Scientific & Integrative Ayurvedic principles since its inceptionThe therapies are performed by specialist professionals’ group who share a vision to improve quality of health of the ailing population with natural sources. We have developed speciality treatment protocols for treating chronic and lifestyle diseases in both Wellness as well as Curative therapies. The benefits and progress in holistic health care to address the modern lifestyle diseases has been appreciated by patients from over various countries. 

AyurSathya Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

Ayursathya Ayurvedic Wellness Centre believes in the Wisdom of Ayurveda. It was
established in 2014 at Karama, Dubai. Since its inception it has been playing a vital
role in promoting Scientific & Integrative Ayurveda, hinging on conducting
Consultations and Therapies. The smiles we have been collecting made us the
conspicuous veterans of Ayurvedic Treatments in Karama. The therapies are
performed by a respected, professional group of well-experienced Therapists.