Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic healing will begin with a traditional ancient Indian method of a comprehensive consultation, designed to understand your personal body constitution.

An eight-fold examination process that includes a pulse diagnosis and marma point assessment will create a picture of any imbalances, in addition, if warranted, blood tests, urine tests, cardiograms, CT scans, and other modern diagnostic tools are used to clarify one’s condition and establish the appropriate Ayurvedic treatments or practices for you. These may include; individualized detoxification programs,  lifestyle changes, food choices, herbal medications, yoga, pranayama, etc

Ayurveda defines wellness not as “the absence of disease”, but as when all body tissues, organs, systems, and functions are acting together in a balanced way and are able to maintain health and wellness in spite of potential illness-causing influences.

Ayurveda offers an excellent approach to many conditions and diseases for which modern medicine has no solution. No condition is too small for Ayurveda. Symptoms and illnesses should be addressed if they are causing distress of any kind.

Ayur Sathya Ayurveda especially provides One to one consultation for diagnosing your whole body, we use nadi tharangini and other test results to diagnose