Eczema is a skin disease, that appears once and spreads to some parts of our body, and it’s difficult to treat if not adequately attended to. According to Ayurveda, skin ailments need a holistic approach at physical, mental, and spiritual levels. We should understand the root cause of disease, analyze them and then approach with proper treatment.

Eczema indicates imbalance in 3 doshas, Agni / metabolism, and utilization of metabolized substance in a healthy way. It is an inflammatory response by immune cells to the outermost epidermis layer of skin and dermis or innermost layer of skin.

Symptoms Eczema

  • Skin lesions
  • Itching
  • Oozing


  • Eradicate eczema right from the root or there are all chances of reoccurring
  • The essential first line of treatment is correcting diet habits and lifestyle
  • Start with Agni correction for improving metabolism
  • Body cleansing therapy, Vamana is most preferred, virechana can also be chosen
  • Herbal medications to treat the dosha imbalance
  • Takradhara
  • Abhyanga

Sarvanga Dhara using medicated liquid

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