Ovulation is a normal fertile process that occurs in the menstrual cycle. A mature fertile ovum is the base of the fertility of women of reproductive age, which helps in giving birth to healthy offspring. Even though menstruation seems to be regular, it’s not always sure that the ovum produced is fertile and mature.

Anovulation is a condition where there is no ovum formation in the ovary. About 40% of infertility is due to anovulation. Ovulation is under the vata influence, maturation of the ovum and its release to the fallopian tube are all controlled by Vata. But factors that affect the formation of mature ovum also include proper metabolism in the body. Proper metabolism is influenced by a healthy diet, gut health, and also regular exercise. So ultimately our lifestyle has a great impact on the production of the mature good quality ovum. This is also seen in Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Ayurvedic Management Of Anovulation

Ayurveda uses herbal combinations capable of nourishing the premature ovules in the ovaries. Also, the primary first line of treatment should be focused on improving the dhatwagni or correcting the metabolism, only if metabolism is corrected, proper processing, absorption, and utilization occur. Ayurvedic herbs and yoga also help in regulating hormones.

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